Building Structural repair, Restoration, External Painting and Maintenance

Building repair, Restoration, Civil Structural Maintenance.

CSR Consultant and Associates – Trusted name in Building repair and restoration audit, surveyor.

CSR Consultant and Associates undertake Building Surveys, BUILDING AUDITS, prepare Building health reports, provides, Structure Maintenance Waterproofing treatments, Re-plastering and Painting work estimates, society Civil maintenance, RCC Structural reinforcement systems, prepare Civil repair budgets, Repair estimate, Project Management Consultancy, PMC for Civil repair projects to ensure that the project is being carried as per Client’s requirements within the best value proposition and budget. CSR technical management team establishes the effective centralized Cost Management and Change Monitoring system for the Society members during the course of project. Based in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai, is near to most Societies for prompt services.

It is an honour to have associated with Metro Rail Corporations for their esteemed projects providing Structural audit as per their requirements. Taking due care for the critical damages and restoration of same.

Our Building Audit / Health reporting / Project Management Consultancy services are classified into four typical stages.

1. Pre contracting- Building surveys /audits

·         Identify damages and repair quantum

·         Initial Repair estimate

·         Preliminary cash flow

·         Preliminary cost plan & cash flows

2. Tendering & Documentation

·         Procurement strategy – packages, tendering &   contracts

·         Preparation of contract documentation

·         Preparation of standard &consistent BOQ

·         Tender review & analysis

·         Preparation of Letter of award & Contracts

3. Post contract Cost Control & Monitoring

·         Cost control & administration

·         Change management  strategies

·         Progressive cost plan & monitoring of costs

·         Periodic project cost  report

·         Indent & check measurements / quantities, Material reconciliation

4. Post contract Financial Management

·         Standard procedures for progress payments

·         Attend update meetings and evaluations

·         Periodic checks & progress payments

·         Preparation of final accounts

Financial & contractual close-out


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