About Building Maintenance and Restoration for Civil strengthening purpose

Building repair and maintenance expert “CSR Consultant and Associates” provides Building Surveys, BUILDING AUDITS, prepare Building health reports, provide Waterproofing treatments, Re-plastering and Painting work estimates, society.

Today “CSR Consultant &  Associates” has acquired a coveted league of Civil repair Engineers and contractors that are recognized for their quality of work and the professional service we provide to the customers.  This has resulted in increased number of reference sites being cracked year on year with great satisfaction.

The CSR program has seen a fabulous response and together our attempt will be to only strengthen the relationships and expectations going forward.

In Mumbai and surrounding areas, due to salinity, most of the structural buildings have been facing with damages externally and internally. This natural cause, demands periodic maintenance. Managing committees facing during their tenure, take these problems as a major critical task due to lack of understanding and knowledge.

Companies like “CSR Consultant and Associates”, do understand the limitations in which the managing committee have to perform these tasks, at the same time acknowledge the problems.

CSR engineers comes in handy for such issues. They provide indepth knowledge, audit / survey reports, RCC structural reports, various technologies available and suggest viable solutions to the Society Managing committee. CSR Engineers are known for their acute and sharp observations to suggest best possible and most economical solutions to extend the life of the buildings.

Terrace waterproofing solutions, plumbing, tiling for beautification, marble fixing, external and internal RCC structural rehabilitations, replastering, Civil restoration and painting are few of the common elements taken into consideration.

Apart from the conventional methods, CSR Associates introduces latest and most viable technologies in terms of life span extension and flexibilities.


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