Building Structural Audit, Repair, Waterproofing, Renovation and Painting

Most of the managing committee of the societies or owners of the Industrial galas are worried for thelife of their property and what kind of solution is viable for extending these lifes. CSR Consultant and Associates comes in handy to held a brainstorming session with the Managing committee members to explore and understand, various factors of the building like, culture, extend-ability, economical viability, timelines, legalities involved and other allied factors. Building repair has one big question of WHAT, HOW and WHEN to carry the building overall hawling repair. Shall it be seen from preventive maintenance point of view or repair point of view. These factors need to be discussed with the experts who has in-depth knowledge over the subject, but at the same time, note key factors involved with the society and limitations.

Most of the Societies planning to undertake Civil repairs and Painting work for their respective buildings have few FAQ’s like.

  1. WHY DOES THE SOCIETY NEED CSR?  : Every society has got their unique Civil repair problems, demanding very specific technical feasible solution. Therefore, Societies need to have technical assistance who has enormous experience in the Civil Engineering field. CSR comes in handy for drawing technical solutions.
  2. CIVIL CONTRACTORS CAN DIRECTLY GIVE US ESTIMATES & QUOTATIONS? Grabbing estimates and quotations from various contractors would be time consuming and tedious task while comparing. — To get the competition on single platform, one needs to ink out basic requirements of the society – Externally and Internally. It may not be feasible to ask all the contractors to visit every single owners property. CSR can professionally assist you to develop a Technical Tender document as per your specific needs.
  3.  OUR SOCIETY MEMBERS CAN SUPERVISE WORK IN PROGRESS ?  : Most of the members may be qualified in their respective fields. But do you have full time experience with the Civil repair industry? Are you aware of the Industry standards? Are you aware of the Civil Engineering methods? Can you devote time on daily basis? Are you equipped to face unforeseen circumstances? — Because, we at CSR, ensure methodology, quality and measurement. CSR maintains log reports, material management, time management, complaint registers, billing and accounting.
  4. WHAT IS THE BENEFIT OF APPOINTING CSR? Being a third party, society members can be rest assured to have impartial decisions. A professional guidance can help avoid conflicts or show stoppers to get going.
  5. BUT, CSR SERVICES WILL JUST ADD TO OUR COST?  : CSR supports right from audit, tender preparation, tender issues, selection of contractor, progress of work, balance sheet of project and final closure report. Secondly, CSR services shall save ‘n’ times the total CSR’s service cost;  inculcating technical knowledge, time track, minimizing of unnecessary work,  justified usage of society fund and peace of mind.
  6. BUT WHY IS CSR COSTING MORE THAN OTHERS?  : Civil repairs are never done year after year. It demands efforts, dedication, technical team and know how for economical methods. Professional services never come at cheap price. We believe in delivering THE best services.



We provide various options of undertaking Civil repair and Painting work, as per the requirement and provide customised solutions to every individual projects using latest technologies.

CSR Consultant and Associates – “India No. 1 Building repair solution partner”

CSR Consultant and Associates – India No. 1 Building repair rehabilitation solution partner. Majorly servicing most of the renowned Infrastructure companies like L&T, ITD Cem, Tata project and others.

Within Mumbai along with around regions, because of salinity, the vast majority of structural buildings are going through with loss on the surface along with internally. That healthy trigger, requires regular repair. CSR Advisor along with Colleagues, complete recognize this constraints in which the handling committee must perform the chores. CSR comes in handy intended for such difficulties. They offer understanding along with technicality towards the Controlling committee or AGM conferences. Guide along with propose very best options, nearly all economical methods to lengthen the life on the buildings. Waterproofing alternatives, plumbing related, tiling along with pebble repairing, outer along with inner RCC structural rehabilitations, replastering along with painting tend to be several frequent elements taken into consideration. Aside from the typical techniques, CSR introduces most current and many workable technological know-how regarding expected life extension along with flexibilities.

The vast majority of Creating Societies likely to carry out Municipal repairs, treatment along with Artwork help the particular buildings possess few FAQ’s like…

  1. HOW COME THE ACTUAL CONTEMPORARY SOCIETY REQUIRE CSR?: Each society has got their particular Municipal mend troubles, challenging very unique specialized achievable option. As a result, Societies have to have specialized guidance who has huge knowledge in the Municipal Engineering industry. CSR comes in handy intended for drawing specialized alternatives.
  2. INSTALLERS MAY IMMEDIATELY PROVIDE ALL OF US ESTIMATIONS & WRITTEN ESTIMATES? Snagging estimates along with written estimates from different technicians could be time consuming along with monotonous job while looking at. — To discover the competitors upon one program, one needs to help tattoo away simple needs on the society : On the surface along with Inside. This might not be achievable to help request each of the technicians to travel to every managers home. CSR may by professionals assist you to create a Technological Sensitive doc depending on your unique requires.
  3. THE CONTEMPORARY SOCIETY MEMBERS MAY SUPERVISE WORK HAPPENING?: The vast majority of people can be competent inside their particular career fields. Nevertheless do you have regular knowledge with the Municipal mend business? Have you considered a criteria? Have you considered this Municipal Engineering techniques? Are you able to dedicate time upon every day basis? Do you think you’re geared up to face sudden instances? — Simply because, we all at CSR, guarantee strategy, high quality along with rating. CSR keeps record reviews, product management, time management, grievance registers, payments along with data processing.
  4. WHAT EXACTLY IS THE MAIN BENEFIT OF GETTING CSR? Currently being an authorized, society people might be be confident to own neutral decisions. A specialist direction might help stay away from fights or show stoppers to get going.
  5. HOWEVER, CSR SOLUTIONS MAY MERELY ADD TO THE CHARGE?: CSR supports right from building audit, sensitive prep, sensitive difficulties, collection of service provider, advance associated with work, equilibrium published associated with venture along with closing drawing a line under document. Second of all, CSR products and services would preserve ‘n’ times the complete CSR’s services charge; inculcating specialized understanding, time course, minimizing associated with unnecessary work, justified using society finance along with comfort.
  6. HOW COME CSR PRICED AT GREATER THAN OTHERS?: Municipal repairs should never be carried out every single year. This requires initiatives, perseverance, specialized group along with knowhow intended for economical techniques. Expert products and services in no way arrive at inexpensive price tag. We all trust giving The best products and services.

Project Management Consultant in Mumbai, India


“Project Management Consultancy Services”

We will need to first complete a survey that also includes the many blemishes inside structures divorce lawyers atlanta element. Due to this analysing the actual design, we will need to occupy initial evaluation as well as findings are to be observed straight down.

The initial evaluation as well as observation will include 5 standard parameters:

  1. Climate with the setting
  2. Place with the Structure
  3. Building form as well as change being used
  4. Era with the building
  5. Actual evaluation with the building elements



STAGE 1: Investigation with the Damage through climate situation with the setting

  • It is quite necessary to take into account the damage disorders with the setting with the design since figuring out the amount of local climate the best place offers, finding out the actual blemishes throughout building resources are going to be less difficult.
  • Climate incorporates a great impact on building resources.
  • For illustration:
  • India incorporates a sultry local climate. Such as a number of other sultry nations, The indian subcontinent offers hefty rainwater as well as warm the sun’s rays throughout every season.
  • This means structures near you often conditions swiftly, particularly according in order to outside building resources which often have confronted outside brings about including rainwater, wind flow, solar radiation such as ultra-violet gentle; as well as atmospheric air pollution.
  • Here are a several examples of the actual blemishes that will come about within a design located in a new sultry nation: Yeast blemish, unsafe expansion connected with bushes, peeling coloring, erosion connected with mortar joints as well as substandard spread manifestation.

STAGE TWO: Investigation with the Place with the Structure

  • In the actual examination with the location with the design, factor with the micro-climate is actually connected with great value.
  • For illustration:
  • Buildings that are situated on the sea or maybe estuaries and rivers generally popular building blemishes. It is because water from the floor brings about wetness puncture as well as structural lack of stability.
  • The wetness inside design brings about crystallisation connected with salt which often benefits into efflorescence (the soluble salts contained in the actual bricks break up due to humid situation as well as trigger whiting with the outside walls).
  • Damp-proof programs should be put in so as to reduce climbing mineral water caused by neighborhood River or maybe sea.
  • In inclusion, soluble salt which often derives from sea as well as alongside the reputation of the dirty surroundings could can damage the surface area with the structures.

STAGE THREE: Building form as well as change being used

  • Most connected with outdated structures that maintain his or her authentic capabilities or maybe makes use of could have fewer dilemma inside, despite the fact that there have been symptoms to create blemishes that comes with the outside cloth due to many factors including Sun radiation, cleaning actions connected with wind flow, moisture etc.
  • Many older structures are became museums as well as hotels.
  • For illustration:
  • Salarjung Construction throughout Hyderabad, The indian subcontinent ended up being became a general museum as well as Palaces throughout Jaipur are became five-star hotels.
  • Buildings that change his or her employ as well as spots must look into the effects with the fresh employ about the present design. It is because historic structures had been built to solely keep a number of a lot as well as sometimes may well not tolerate additional a lot.
  • Where structures which are became sometimes business oriented or maybe office uses, the requirement to install air-conditioning programs to meet up with modern building specifications looks essential.
  • It continues to be identified that within a several instances the actual air-conditioning items had been put incorrectly.
  • This not just has an effect on the appearance with the structures but intervenes using the present cloth, specially when ducts usually are working completely sight on the actual limit.
  • The dilemma with regards to the installation of air-conditioning technique mentioned above in addition has been recently witnessed on Salarjung Museum, Hyderabad, The indian subcontinent.


STAGE FOUR: Investigation connected with the age of the actual Building

  • All the actual building resources utilized in the actual development often degrade immediately after a short time that cause the actual degeneration with the portions of the actual structures for a lower or maybe better rate based upon his or her location as well as function.
  • We at CSR Consultant and Associates check for the purpose of Aging building resources, particularly RCC structures need to be checked out as soon as you’ll find signs connected with candica as well as pest problems.
  • Building that have been built-in the first period of British work, in particular, typically face problems throughout building resources.
  • Therefore, proper treatment to create restore as well as maintenance need to be given full factor.
  • Determining the age of the actual design will likely guide us all decide the actual development technique applied which can make the actual restore as well as maintenance with the design less difficult.


STAGE FIVE: Actual evaluation with the building elements

The real evaluation with the building elements might help us all find the actual small as well as important blemishes inside different parts of the actual design. We at CSR Consultant and Associates

  1. Structural evaluation (Diagonal fractures come about due to design failure)
  2. Rooms are to be scrutinized (cracks or maybe openings inside walls)
  3. Slabs
  4. Basis balance is usually to be checked out
  5. Doors/Windows
  6. Electric programs (air-conditioning)
  7. Mechanical programs (generator as well as pumps)
  8. Domestic plumbing

We at CSR Consultant and Associates include the essential actions to get put into practice for your restore as well as maintenance connected with outdated structures.

Avoidance to create blemishes

  • Building maintenance is the key for preventing building blemishes.
  • Old structures that forget about building maintenance may fit in various blemishes which often can result in structural failures.
  • This may be accomplished through the examinations performed by sometimes architects or maybe surveyors which will incorporate examining for virtually any signs connected with unnatural degeneration, cleaning out gutters connected with actually leaves or maybe unsafe expansion, examining lights conductors, cleaning out almost all voids as well as spots; as well as adjusting tap into washing machine’s.
  • To safe the overall structural balance as well as living of the building, it is important to frequently look at not just the principle structural components such as foundations, surfaces as well as roofs; but different popular building problems.