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Do’s Get thorough ‘Technical Structural Audit’ done at every 5 years of building aging between 15 to 30 years and at every 3 years beyond 30 years , from the consulting structural engineer. For any more queries, please fill the form here to assist you in every possible way for undertaking your building repairs.


  1. Since the bamboos are being erected around building, each member is requested to take care for their own privacy inside and outside the premises.
  2. Do not untie the bamboos that are being tied to your windows. For any relocations of the same, please inform the Contractor’s supervisor and not the labour.
  3. Do not keep any important or valuable things nearby the windows and shutters that are open during the work.
  4. Keep all the hanging frames, lanterns, showpieces and lighting objects away from the repaired area, as due to vibrations while breaking plaster or grouting or drilling, they may intend to fall off.
  5. Keep small Children informed about the work in progress, so that some discipline can be maintained to stay away from the area where the work is in progress.
  6. Wherever possible, keep the shutters and windows closed, to avoid dust from entering the flats, especially Toilets, bathrooms and kitchens.
  7. Do not entertain any labour for any kind of food and water. Please request them to avoid asking such favors and inform them to approach the Society manager.
  8. Do not ask any labour to carry individual work without proper authorization from the Managing committee or consultant.
  9. For any other kind of requests, do not approach the labour directly. It is requested to follow proper channel by giving instructions to Society Manager or Consultants engineer.
  10. For carrying Civil repair in internal flats, please see to it that no valuable items are left unattended.
  11. Do not allow Contractor to stack material at your flat or nearby entrance even for temporary purpose.
  12. Do not share your personal contact numbers directly with the labour. Please connect Society Manager, if need persists.


  1. Before any kind of repairs, it is suggested to carry the Structural audit or Health report of the building. This enables the repair to take complete care for all the common concerns of the building and ensure all damage points are taken into consideration.
  2. This Audit report also enables for the estimate of repair work to be tabled in SGM / AGM for approval.
  3. For any lack of safety precautions on part of the labour; you are requested to inform the Society Manager or Consultants engineer.
  4. Keep in touch with the updates regarding the on-going Civil repair on the notice boards, as the updates for internal repairs flats wise schedule shall be displayed time to time. Individual flat owners shall be also informed with due consent.
  5. Internal repairs shall mean only Civil repair and no renovations shall apply to this term. However, Individuals can get the renovations work carried by same Contractor for the extension of the Civil repair at their own cost. Under the circumstances, Individual has to keep the Society Manager informed in writing about the additional work imparted to same Contractor.
  6. Any Occupant, planning to use the bamboo scaffolding for their own accord to carry some external work around their flat are requested to inform in writing to Society Manager.
  7. For plumbing line repair, Occupants shall be informed previous day for non usage of wet lines for specific period. Occupants are requested NOT TO USE BATHROOM, TOILETS or KITCHENS DRAIN LINES DURING THE INFORMED TIME PERIOD FOR UNDERTAKING REPAIRS.



Building Structural repair, Restoration, External Painting and Maintenance

Building repair, Restoration, Civil Structural Maintenance.

CSR Consultant and Associates – Trusted name in Building repair and restoration audit, surveyor.

CSR Consultant and Associates undertake Building Surveys, BUILDING AUDITS, prepare Building health reports, provides, Structure Maintenance Waterproofing treatments, Re-plastering and Painting work estimates, society Civil maintenance, RCC Structural reinforcement systems, prepare Civil repair budgets, Repair estimate, Project Management Consultancy, PMC for Civil repair projects to ensure that the project is being carried as per Client’s requirements within the best value proposition and budget. CSR technical management team establishes the effective centralized Cost Management and Change Monitoring system for the Society members during the course of project. Based in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai, is near to most Societies for prompt services.

It is an honour to have associated with Metro Rail Corporations for their esteemed projects providing Structural audit as per their requirements. Taking due care for the critical damages and restoration of same.

Our Building Audit / Health reporting / Project Management Consultancy services are classified into four typical stages.

1. Pre contracting- Building surveys /audits

·         Identify damages and repair quantum

·         Initial Repair estimate

·         Preliminary cash flow

·         Preliminary cost plan & cash flows

2. Tendering & Documentation

·         Procurement strategy – packages, tendering &   contracts

·         Preparation of contract documentation

·         Preparation of standard &consistent BOQ

·         Tender review & analysis

·         Preparation of Letter of award & Contracts

3. Post contract Cost Control & Monitoring

·         Cost control & administration

·         Change management  strategies

·         Progressive cost plan & monitoring of costs

·         Periodic project cost  report

·         Indent & check measurements / quantities, Material reconciliation

4. Post contract Financial Management

·         Standard procedures for progress payments

·         Attend update meetings and evaluations

·         Periodic checks & progress payments

·         Preparation of final accounts

Financial & contractual close-out

Building Structural Audit, Repair, Waterproofing, Renovation and Painting

Most of the managing committee of the societies or owners of the Industrial galas are worried for thelife of their property and what kind of solution is viable for extending these lifes. CSR Consultant and Associates comes in handy to held a brainstorming session with the Managing committee members to explore and understand, various factors of the building like, culture, extend-ability, economical viability, timelines, legalities involved and other allied factors. Building repair has one big question of WHAT, HOW and WHEN to carry the building overall hawling repair. Shall it be seen from preventive maintenance point of view or repair point of view. These factors need to be discussed with the experts who has in-depth knowledge over the subject, but at the same time, note key factors involved with the society and limitations.

Most of the Societies planning to undertake Civil repairs and Painting work for their respective buildings have few FAQ’s like.

  1. WHY DOES THE SOCIETY NEED CSR?  : Every society has got their unique Civil repair problems, demanding very specific technical feasible solution. Therefore, Societies need to have technical assistance who has enormous experience in the Civil Engineering field. CSR comes in handy for drawing technical solutions.
  2. CIVIL CONTRACTORS CAN DIRECTLY GIVE US ESTIMATES & QUOTATIONS? Grabbing estimates and quotations from various contractors would be time consuming and tedious task while comparing. — To get the competition on single platform, one needs to ink out basic requirements of the society – Externally and Internally. It may not be feasible to ask all the contractors to visit every single owners property. CSR can professionally assist you to develop a Technical Tender document as per your specific needs.
  3.  OUR SOCIETY MEMBERS CAN SUPERVISE WORK IN PROGRESS ?  : Most of the members may be qualified in their respective fields. But do you have full time experience with the Civil repair industry? Are you aware of the Industry standards? Are you aware of the Civil Engineering methods? Can you devote time on daily basis? Are you equipped to face unforeseen circumstances? — Because, we at CSR, ensure methodology, quality and measurement. CSR maintains log reports, material management, time management, complaint registers, billing and accounting.
  4. WHAT IS THE BENEFIT OF APPOINTING CSR? Being a third party, society members can be rest assured to have impartial decisions. A professional guidance can help avoid conflicts or show stoppers to get going.
  5. BUT, CSR SERVICES WILL JUST ADD TO OUR COST?  : CSR supports right from audit, tender preparation, tender issues, selection of contractor, progress of work, balance sheet of project and final closure report. Secondly, CSR services shall save ‘n’ times the total CSR’s service cost;  inculcating technical knowledge, time track, minimizing of unnecessary work,  justified usage of society fund and peace of mind.
  6. BUT WHY IS CSR COSTING MORE THAN OTHERS?  : Civil repairs are never done year after year. It demands efforts, dedication, technical team and know how for economical methods. Professional services never come at cheap price. We believe in delivering THE best services.



We provide various options of undertaking Civil repair and Painting work, as per the requirement and provide customised solutions to every individual projects using latest technologies.

CSR Consultant and Associates – “India No. 1 Building repair solution partner”

CSR Consultant and Associates – India No. 1 Building repair rehabilitation solution partner. Majorly servicing most of the renowned Infrastructure companies like L&T, ITD Cem, Tata project and others.

Within Mumbai along with around regions, because of salinity, the vast majority of structural buildings are going through with loss on the surface along with internally. That healthy trigger, requires regular repair. CSR Advisor along with Colleagues, complete recognize this constraints in which the handling committee must perform the chores. CSR comes in handy intended for such difficulties. They offer understanding along with technicality towards the Controlling committee or AGM conferences. Guide along with propose very best options, nearly all economical methods to lengthen the life on the buildings. Waterproofing alternatives, plumbing related, tiling along with pebble repairing, outer along with inner RCC structural rehabilitations, replastering along with painting tend to be several frequent elements taken into consideration. Aside from the typical techniques, CSR introduces most current and many workable technological know-how regarding expected life extension along with flexibilities.

The vast majority of Creating Societies likely to carry out Municipal repairs, treatment along with Artwork help the particular buildings possess few FAQ’s like…

  1. HOW COME THE ACTUAL CONTEMPORARY SOCIETY REQUIRE CSR?: Each society has got their particular Municipal mend troubles, challenging very unique specialized achievable option. As a result, Societies have to have specialized guidance who has huge knowledge in the Municipal Engineering industry. CSR comes in handy intended for drawing specialized alternatives.
  2. INSTALLERS MAY IMMEDIATELY PROVIDE ALL OF US ESTIMATIONS & WRITTEN ESTIMATES? Snagging estimates along with written estimates from different technicians could be time consuming along with monotonous job while looking at. — To discover the competitors upon one program, one needs to help tattoo away simple needs on the society : On the surface along with Inside. This might not be achievable to help request each of the technicians to travel to every managers home. CSR may by professionals assist you to create a Technological Sensitive doc depending on your unique requires.
  3. THE CONTEMPORARY SOCIETY MEMBERS MAY SUPERVISE WORK HAPPENING?: The vast majority of people can be competent inside their particular career fields. Nevertheless do you have regular knowledge with the Municipal mend business? Have you considered a criteria? Have you considered this Municipal Engineering techniques? Are you able to dedicate time upon every day basis? Do you think you’re geared up to face sudden instances? — Simply because, we all at CSR, guarantee strategy, high quality along with rating. CSR keeps record reviews, product management, time management, grievance registers, payments along with data processing.
  4. WHAT EXACTLY IS THE MAIN BENEFIT OF GETTING CSR? Currently being an authorized, society people might be be confident to own neutral decisions. A specialist direction might help stay away from fights or show stoppers to get going.
  5. HOWEVER, CSR SOLUTIONS MAY MERELY ADD TO THE CHARGE?: CSR supports right from building audit, sensitive prep, sensitive difficulties, collection of service provider, advance associated with work, equilibrium published associated with venture along with closing drawing a line under document. Second of all, CSR products and services would preserve ‘n’ times the complete CSR’s services charge; inculcating specialized understanding, time course, minimizing associated with unnecessary work, justified using society finance along with comfort.
  6. HOW COME CSR PRICED AT GREATER THAN OTHERS?: Municipal repairs should never be carried out every single year. This requires initiatives, perseverance, specialized group along with knowhow intended for economical techniques. Expert products and services in no way arrive at inexpensive price tag. We all trust giving The best products and services.