Why does the Managing Committees of properties / Societies needs Civil Structural Repair Consultant

Most of the Managing Committees of Societies planning to undertake Civil Structural repairs, Waterproofing and Painting work for their respective buildings FAQ’s…

  1. WHY DOES THE SOCIETY NEED CSR?  : Every society have their unique Civil repair problems, demanding very specific technical feasible solution. Therefore, Societies need to have technical assistance who has enormous experience in the Civil Engineering field. CSR comes in handy for drawing technical solutions.
  2. CONTRACTORS CAN DIRECTLY GIVE US ESTIMATES & QUOTATIONS? Grabbing estimates and quotations from various contractors would be time consuming and tedious task while comparing. — To get the competition on single platform, one needs to ink out basic requirements of the society – Externally Structural repair and Internally. It may not be feasible to ask all the contractors to visit every single owners property. CSR can professionally assist you to develop a Technical Tender document as per your specific needs.
  3.  OUR SOCIETY MEMBERS CAN SUPERVISE WORK IN PROGRESS ?  : Most of the members may be qualified in their respective fields. But do you have full time experience with the Civil repair industry? Are you aware of the Industry standards? Are you aware of the Civil Engineering methods? Can you devote time on daily basis? Are you equipped to face unforeseen circumstances? — Because, we at CSR, ensure methodology, quality and measurement. CSR maintains log reports, material management, time management, complaint registers, billing and accounting.
  4. WHAT IF THERE IS CONFLICT OF INTEREST? Being a third party, society members can be rest assured to have impartial decisions. A professional guidance can help avoid conflicts or show stoppers to get going.
  5. BUT, CSR SERVICES WILL JUST ADD TO OUR COST?  : CSR supports right from audit, tender preparation, Selection of contractor, progress of work, balance sheet of project and final closure report. Secondly, CSR should assist the Society to save more than, what is paid towards CSR’s services. These services include, technical knowledge, timely delivery, minimizing unnecessary work,  justified usage of society fund and peace of mind. Professional services never come cheap
  6. SO WHAT DO WE GET FROM CSR. WOULD THEY INCLUDE AUDIT, SELECTION OF CONTRACTOR, SUPERVISION OF WORK AND OTHER ALLIED SERVICES?  : CSR comes in handy for Societies right from the thought of going for Repair and Painting of building. We provide you with Structural Audit as per Municipal norms from Licensed Structural Engineers at a mere cost. This should include Budgetory of repair and technologies. Second step would be to appoint Contractor suitable for the job. On going supervision and bill verifications shall be Third step. Closure, retention and warranty agreements shall be final step.
  7. WHAT ARE THE CHARGES FOR THESE CONSULTANCY SERVICES? The cost incurred towards the Building maintenance is huge compared to the cost of these professional services. They run between 2 to 5% of the project value. Is is normally seen that these costs are recovered by well informed decisions taken during the work in progress and the knowledge being shared on case to case basis.
    CSR Consultant and Associates – “India No. 1 Building repair solution Partner”

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