• Get thorough ‘Technical Audit’ done at every 5 years of building aging between 15 to 30 years and at every 3 years beyond 30 years , from the consulting structural engineer and obtain his opinion on general evaluation of structural health of the building and exact nature of repairs involved along with recommendations if any.
  • Bring to the notice of Consulting Structural Engineering and Municipal Authority immediately if following signs of distress are seen :-
    i) Cracks in beams, slabs or columns.
    ii) Sudden bulge (Swelling) in columns.
    iii) Separation or cracks in flooring at ground floor or stilt floor , around columns.
    iv) Excessive vibration are noticed while moving around or shifting of any equipment in the house in slab or balcony.
  • Carry out timely repairs / strengthening work of any part of the building under the advice and supervision of consulting Engineering through reputed contractor.
  • Provide waterproof cement paint in two coats for external face of building in the following manner:-
    i) Cement Based Paint Every 3 years
    ii)   Acrylic Based Paint Every 5 years
    iii)  Elastomeric Based Paint Every 7 years
  • iv) Elastomeric Based Coating every 10 years
  • Check all drainage & water supply service pipe lines and its connections at every 2 years, and replace immediately if found defective.
  • Get septic tank and soak-pit checked, and cleaned up with insecticide treatment every YEAR or any time it over flows, from the concerned Ward Office of the Municipal Corporation. This service is free of cost and binding on Municipal Corporation.
  • Checked up every year internal plumbing lines & joints to trace leakage if any from Licensed Plumber. Every year get washers replaced to arrest continuous leakage of water from water taps to avoid unnecessary waste of water.
  • Get house drains cleaned once in 2 years or any6 time when there is chock up or overflow of drain water from manholes.
  • Clean storm water drains provided in Layout / plot if any before each monsoon and keep it flow free to avoid water locking.
  • Check Terrace water proofing and attend repair if any at every to keep the terrace water tight for all the time.
  • Common services areas within the building courtyards should be kept clean with regular maintenance. Staircase steps and common corridors should be kept unobstructed. Storing of junk material should be strictly prohibited, as the same causes inconvenience & some time can be proved hazardous.
  • Common compound and corridor lighting should be regularly checked and be kept in good working condition.
  • As far as possible the LIFTS should be operated by the liftman only .Yearly contract of maintenance should be given to lift company for unobstructed working.
  • It is mandatory to provided two water pumps for lifting the water from underground water tank to over head storage tank. Each pump should be operated alternately. This will keep pumps in working condition. Yearly contract should be given for maintenance of pump in working condition. Yearly contract should be given for maintenance of pump to avoid inconvenience.
  • At least once in 2 years get underground & overhead water storage tanks cleaned and see that they are tight. Preferably covers of underground water storage tank should be provided with lock & facility to keep it free from outside infections.
  • Wherever possible Society office with toilet facility ( for domestic workers / drivers) should be provided on ground floor in marginal open spaces. Municipal Corporation approves such proposal free of F.S.I.
  • Safety grills for window should be compulsorily as different design 7 shapes of grill deface the building.
  • Collect sizable contribution towards sinking/ repairs – fund from the members regularly which will help substantially for subsequent repairs.
  • Get the building insured for total cost against fire, flood, earthquake and specially against unfortunate collapses. This can be proved as great financial assistance in case of redevelopment and major repairs due to natural calamity.
  • Keep the terrace clean for all the time. Check it regularly and specially pre-monsoon, during monsoon and after monsoon every year. Remove loose material, dust, dried leaves and dirt and see that rain water will be discharged freely.
  • Report unauthorized construction in your building immediately in writing to concerned Ward Officer & Building Proposal Dept. of the Municipal Corporation as well as to Local Police Station and to keep continuous follow up for necessary action.
  • The society Management should think about retaining services of architect / licensed surveyor & consulting structural Engineer on regular basis ( at par with family doctor ) for general checkup of the health of building from time to time.
    This arrangement definitely will prove beneficial in long run.
  • Preferably plant fiber growth trees along compound wall i.e. Coconut, palm or Ashoka and flowery plants. Avoid dense growth trees i.e. Bayan, Imali, Mango, Pipple etc.
  • Get Dust- Bin cleaned periodically. Use spray disinfecting agents regularly.
  • In the event of unfortunate collapse of structure partly or fully contact Disaster Management Cell of Municipal Corporation & Fire Brigade Dept. for immediate help
  • Give list of do’s & Don’ts to each occupant of building and permanently display it on Notice Board of Society.


  • Do not allow any unauthorized additions there by over loading existing structure for which it is NOT designed.
  • Do not allow any internal structural changes / alteration, specifically change in positions of toilet blocks or kitchens, under any pretext including so called Vastu requirement. Such units should be maintained in same alignment with other floor.
  • Do not allow extension or changes of alignment of toilet blocks thereby creating wet areas over dry areas of below floor. Do not tolerate any leakage or seepage at any time. Attend in time.
  • Do not permit structural additional and alterations if the same are not approved by the Municipal authority, architect & structural engineer.
  • Do not permit such work (item 5 above) without advice and supervision of qualified professionals.
  • Do not allow to carry out any work of repair or additions & alterations by petty contractors.
  • Do not permit following works unless backed by professional engineering support :-
    i) Replacement of floor finish.
    ii) Repairs of internal, external plastering and R.C.C. members.
    iii) Any modification to existing plan according to which building exists.
    iv) Toilet or kitchen renovation.
    v) Structural alteration required for interior designing & decoration.
    vi) Any R.C.C. repairs which involves use of steel, cement, sand & stone / metal.
    vii) Placing / providing of water storage tanks on lifts, and additional tanks on terraces.
  • Never allow terrace gardening in any manner whatsoever. The soil for such gardening will add permanent dead load on the building, beside it will remain wet and inaccessible for repairs and any deterioration resulting there from cannot be detected timely.
  • Do not allow large size hoarding and communication unit’s antennas on any part of the building without stability certificate from consulting engineer.
  • Do not delay to grant permission for proper interior work unnecessarily, if asked by Member with technical support. However for granting permission for structural alterations, insist certificate from qualified consulting engineer that “proposed additions/ alterations will not endanger structural stability of the building” if such permission is asked by the Member / Occupant and insist for suitable undertaking from such member to the effect that he will be held sole responsible for any consequences due to such additions alterations. Responsibility of Repair to Building & individual flat.


As provided and prescribed in various by laws for Co-Op.Hsg.Socities, following are the responsibilities and liabilities of Society and individual Member to carry out timely repairs.

  1. Society: (General Contribution of by all Members)
    For repairs for all common areas Staircase, Lifts, Corridors, Compound pavement & Compound wall, Pump room, Underground & Over head water tanks & Water supply lines from Municipal main to underground tank & over head tank, Electrical main supply up to Meter Room, Terrace & Terrace slab, External plumbing lines, House Drains, External Building painting, Common lighting for compound staircase & corridors, etc the contribution shall be made by all Member of the Society, in proportion to their area of flat.
  2. Member: (Personal Contribution):
    The individual Member is responsible and liable to bear the cost of following works:-

(1) Attending Repairs of leakage originated from his premises, causing hardship and inconvenience to the Member on below floors.
(2) The Member is liable to rectify / repair at his cost, for any damage caused by him to the premises of adjoining Member and or Member of below or upper floor.
(3) Member is responsible and liable to bear the cost of internal repair within his premises i.e. change of internal plaster, flooring , painting electrical wiring , fitting and fixtures, sanitary fitting & fixtures change of door , window frames & shutters with fitting 7 fixture, etc.