No. 1 Building Structural Repair, Restoration, Maintenance and Painting Consultant – CSR Consultant and Associates

Do’s Get thorough ‘Technical Structural Audit’ done at every 5 years of building aging between 15 to 30 years and at every 3 years beyond 30 years , from the consulting structural engineer. For any more queries, please fill the form here to assist you in every possible way for undertaking your building repairs.


  1. Since the bamboos are being erected around building, each member is requested to take care for their own privacy inside and outside the premises.
  2. Do not untie the bamboos that are being tied to your windows. For any relocations of the same, please inform the Contractor’s supervisor and not the labour.
  3. Do not keep any important or valuable things nearby the windows and shutters that are open during the work.
  4. Keep all the hanging frames, lanterns, showpieces and lighting objects away from the repaired area, as due to vibrations while breaking plaster or grouting or drilling, they may intend to fall off.
  5. Keep small Children informed about the work in progress, so that some discipline can be maintained to stay away from the area where the work is in progress.
  6. Wherever possible, keep the shutters and windows closed, to avoid dust from entering the flats, especially Toilets, bathrooms and kitchens.
  7. Do not entertain any labour for any kind of food and water. Please request them to avoid asking such favors and inform them to approach the Society manager.
  8. Do not ask any labour to carry individual work without proper authorization from the Managing committee or consultant.
  9. For any other kind of requests, do not approach the labour directly. It is requested to follow proper channel by giving instructions to Society Manager or Consultants engineer.
  10. For carrying Civil repair in internal flats, please see to it that no valuable items are left unattended.
  11. Do not allow Contractor to stack material at your flat or nearby entrance even for temporary purpose.
  12. Do not share your personal contact numbers directly with the labour. Please connect Society Manager, if need persists.


  1. Before any kind of repairs, it is suggested to carry the Structural audit or Health report of the building. This enables the repair to take complete care for all the common concerns of the building and ensure all damage points are taken into consideration.
  2. This Audit report also enables for the estimate of repair work to be tabled in SGM / AGM for approval.
  3. For any lack of safety precautions on part of the labour; you are requested to inform the Society Manager or Consultants engineer.
  4. Keep in touch with the updates regarding the on-going Civil repair on the notice boards, as the updates for internal repairs flats wise schedule shall be displayed time to time. Individual flat owners shall be also informed with due consent.
  5. Internal repairs shall mean only Civil repair and no renovations shall apply to this term. However, Individuals can get the renovations work carried by same Contractor for the extension of the Civil repair at their own cost. Under the circumstances, Individual has to keep the Society Manager informed in writing about the additional work imparted to same Contractor.
  6. Any Occupant, planning to use the bamboo scaffolding for their own accord to carry some external work around their flat are requested to inform in writing to Society Manager.
  7. For plumbing line repair, Occupants shall be informed previous day for non usage of wet lines for specific period. Occupants are requested NOT TO USE BATHROOM, TOILETS or KITCHENS DRAIN LINES DURING THE INFORMED TIME PERIOD FOR UNDERTAKING REPAIRS.




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